The powerful Local SEO

We are going to make you appear in the first positions of your city to have more sales. We will work correctly your GMB file together with the main points of your website to stand out in the results of Google Maps and mainly on mobile devices.

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The Positioning of Your Business in Your City

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, local SEO is a very important issue to keep in mind so that it works well and continues to give you contacts and attract interested clients.

Without a good local SEO in Valencia, your business is doomed to see how you stop being visible to the hundreds or thousands of people in your city who search for your products or services every day and see how your income decreases more and more and how your competitors are taking the customers who search through the internet.

We have a team of experts with years of experience in the sector and true dedication to the online positioning of businesses and companies.

We work with a system with which we leave nothing to chance. We can take your business to the top of the SERPs and results in Google Maps and keep it in that position to increase your number of customers… And therefore your benefits!

Specialized in local SEO, so you will leave your company with the best professionals for this purpose. We will create an effective strategy that, in addition to helping you to climb positions until you reach the top of the Google Maps results, will make you be among the first results of the searches of your potential clients in your same geographical area near Valencia. thanks to the local positioning carried out.

In addition, at Softtalia Informatica we will complement the local SEO strategy with Google MyBusiness. How will we do it? Fully managing your account on Google Maps, the most used and most important virtual map on mobile devices, so that all your customers and potential customers can find you with just one click.

We will create and fully optimize your business listing on Google MyBusiness, where you will appear as a local business.

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SEO Local Service Prices

With one of our good Positioning services that has local SEO integrated, you will get what is called “quality traffic”. In general, if you have a local business, you are more interested in reaching people who are in the same geographical area near your location, because they are more likely to become your regular customers.

Why do you need Local SEO in your city?

Surely you have already understood how important local SEO is for your company, but even so, in case you did not know, a high percentage of searches are local, that is, people located in your city who are looking for services (approximately more than one 40%) and the large number of searches that are carried out from mobile devices are to obtain local information.

Local SEO is one of the most important factors when creating a local positioning strategy for your business, as it will help you reach your target audience or end customer faster.

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Why do you need Local SEO in your business?

Surely you have already understood how important local SEO in Gandia is for your company, but even so, in case you did not know, a high percentage of searches are local, that is, people located in Gandia who are looking for Gandia services (approximately more than 40%) and the large number of searches that are carried out from mobile devices are to obtain local information.

Local SEO is one of the most important factors when creating a local positioning strategy for your business, as it will help you reach your target audience or end customer faster.

What is the duration of the SEO contract?

The recommended minimum duration is 12 months, as search engine optimization is a long-term process. Our clients start to see results after the sixth month.

What is the pricing model for Local SEO services?

We charge a monthly fee that is decided based on the effort your project requires. Our minimum price is €150 per month. The exact price is decided based on your niche, the current state of your website, and the level of competition.

Do you offer the Local SEO service only to companies in Spain?

No, we offer these services globally and we can work with any language or niche. We have clients from Germany, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and the United States, and Argentina. And in Spain we practically cover all the most populated communities.

Do you handle building links in directories?

Yes, we also take care of link building and directory listing for your Local SEO project. We offer an end-to-end Local SEO solution for your project.

Do you write content for Local SEO?

Yes, we take care of the content creation for your SEO project. Our writers are always researching your niche and providing the best content for your search engine optimization (SEO) project.

Why choose our Local SEO Services?

Dominate the positions of Google

The first page of Google is where the real business begins. Our goal is to make sure that your website ranks first. In the long run, we can help you dominate the entire page, even if you compete in a busy or highly competitive market with lots of change.

Stay ahead of your competitors

We’ll show you how your competitors get their traffic and tell you about their online strategy. Then we will overcome them. This means a cutting-edge advantage for your business, regardless of what your competitors do next.

Advantage in real time

Quick and regular updates are essential to keep you on your toes. That’s why you’ll receive detailed reports and analysis on a monthly basis, along with regular advice on improvement strategies.

Full Website SEO

From the attractive design and content of your website interface to the smart fit in the ins and outs of your website, your web business has one job and one goal:
Gain Visibility to make the Online business profitable!

Strong team partnership

Unlike other SEO providers, our team of experts drives 100% of what we do. We never trust third parties, which means we can always vouch for the cutting-edge technology and knowledge we offer. That means your company is part of a tight-knit team: focused, trustworthy, and professional.

Total Support

We want your website to run on autopilot, generating interest and income 24/7 while you go about your business and life. We’re always available for questions and updates, and if you need technical help, you can be trusted to provide quick and comprehensive solutions.

What our clients think

Hispagan SL
Hispagan SL
Un grupo de trabajadores genial y cercano. Llevamos un tiempo con Softtalia y hemos visto aumentada nuestra presencia en internet. Un gran acierto, sin duda.
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez
Oscar Nuñez
Oscar Nuñez
Estoy muy contento con el servicio que esta agencia de marketing ha proporcionado para mi empresa en términos de publicidad en Google. Han creado campañas altamente efectivas que han aumentado significativamente el tráfico a mi sitio web y han mejorado mis resultados de conversión
santi villa
santi villa
Ramon Baixauli
Ramon Baixauli
Excelentes profesionales y exquisita atención
Lara Diez
Lara Diez
Perfecto. Nos ha sido de gran ayuda
Adriana Manzanera
Adriana Manzanera
Tienen un equipo joven y dinámico, saben orientar a tu negocio en la estrategia SEO que necesita. Lo mejor es la sinceridad e implicación en los análisis y objetivos de mi empresa.
La Dama Nieve
La Dama Nieve
Buenos resultados y atención
David J. De los Angeles
David J. De los Angeles
Buena atención al cliente y profesionalidad.
Patrick Yerxa
Patrick Yerxa
Grandes!! especializados en marketing B2B y SEO a nivel general, los recomiendo!

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Benefits of having the Professional Local SEO Service

Instead of going on and talking about how professional or good we are, why don’t we turn the tables and talk about you and your company? How do you benefit from this? What do you get working with one of the leading SEO companies in Valencia? In short, you can create a better digital marketing strategy and implement only the most effective methods to achieve your company’s online growth goals.

Aquí hay una perspectiva más detallada de lo que los profesionales de optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO) en Marketing1on1 pueden brindarle:

Sustained visibility for your website on Google

Organic SEO is an ongoing activity. This means that you can’t expect to just implement a few techniques and leave it at that while you wait for your website to take the top spot and stay there forever. Organic SEO needs continuous work over time. With Softtalia, you can expect our professionals to stay with you for the long haul, using methods to keep your website in the top spot for a long time and making sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Maximized targeted SEO traffic

One of the best things about organic search engine optimization is that you don’t go to your market, your market comes to you. With the Google Ads keyword tool, you can measure how many people are searching for the type of products and services you offer. With website SEO, you only target those people who are searching for your keywords on Google, effectively filtering out the people who aren’t interested and allowing you to focus your marketing efforts on the people who are likely already sold, or on the final phase of the purchasing process. A very powerful way of doing business!

Higher Conversion Rates

The best SEO companies don’t just work to improve your website for search engines. We also make sure that the real people who visit your website get the most out of it. How do we do it? First of all, we make sure that your website has content that is extremely engaging and interesting so that your visitors want to stay on your website. And second, we use a variety of conversion techniques so that your visitors see the right type of content in all the right places. Increased traffic is practically useless if not a single one of your visitors converts into a paying customer. With Softtalia, we don’t just work on sending potential customer traffic to your website. We place equal importance on making sure the traffic does what you want.

Cost effective and higher return on investment

Why do you have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional TV, radio and newspaper ads? Internet marketing has been proven time and time again to be a much more lucrative source of advertising because it is low cost and offers a much higher return on investment than other forms of advertising, such as Google Ads, and Facebook. ads.

Marketing las 24 horas en el piloto automático

¿Quiere promocionar su negocio incluso mientras duerme? Desde el departamento de SEO Softtalia, lo ayudamos a configurar su propio piloto automático de publicidad para que las personas del otro lado del mundo puedan realizar transacciones comerciales con usted incluso cuando sean las 3 de la mañana en su zona horaria. Eso es asegurarse de que aproveche al máximo su inversión.

Long-term results

The Internet is here to stay and so is Google. Marketing company Softtalia helps you get to the first page of repeat searches made by users and stay there.

Increased sales and better income

What does all this bring you? Simple. Increased, highly targeted traffic and powerful conversion techniques to help convert visitors into loyal, repeat customers, along with a massive cost reduction in your ad budget, equals higher sales and better revenue for your business. 

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